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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Elegant Touch Mix It Up Sweet Sherberts False Nails-Review

Applied these on Sunday 22nd April and they're still on looking perfect tonight 30th of April. Well done Elegant Touch!

Last weekend I ran into town to do a few errands including the stocking up of hay-fever products from Superdrug. On my way to the counter I just happened to stroll past the nail care section and I just happened to notice these candy coloured acrylics on the shelf.

I had admired them previously but was completely put off by the price I'd seen them for in Boots (£12.49!) To my amazement Superdrug were charging only £2.49 for a pack. So not stopping to think twice, I happily snapped them up and proudly presented them at the counter...... but of course they weren't £2.49 and were in fact £8.49!

I instantly questioned the price displayed on the till, only to be told by the shop assistant that I MUST be wrong, and that someone MUST have put them back in the wrong place. 

When I happily pointed out that there were over ten packs hanging on a rack UNDERNEATH a £2.49 sticker they begrudgingly had to honour the price as it was the stores mistake for re-stocking them under the wrong label. So although a bit stressful to initially purchase they turned out to be a massive bargain for Minnie! :D Whoop

So the verdict:
Here's some pics

Token Instagram shot

Elegant touch claim..
"The multi-coloured mani is a great way to inject a fun and colour into an outfit and even better, you don't have to choose just one colour to wear… you can wear them all at the same time!These nails benefit from the UV gel coat technology which ensure the nails will not chip, the top coat won't scratch and the colour stays brilliant for the entire wear."

I have to say I am really taken with these. The colours are lovely and work really well together. The nail length is 'short' but long enough to still enough to make your fingers feel a bit more glamorous. 

I applied  them on Sunday evening and they are still going strong. (It is now the following Tuesday evening) So far they haven't chipped or gotten scratched which is impressive as I type all day everyday in my job and repeatedly punch buttons on the photocopier! ;) 

I normally wear my nails a bit longer than this style so had to file my own natural nails down a fair bit to be able to fit these over the top with no overspill. 

Overall I'm impressed with Elegant Touch and will continue to look out for their products in the store but although loving the sweet sugar almond hues I must admit that I would not shell out £12.49 or even £8.49 for another pack. £6 would be a fair price and acceptable for what they are- plain candy nails.

Hope you enjoy a few more pics! Minnie x-x

Ice gem rings! :D

A Party Ring ring

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