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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Boots Smooth Skin IPL Hair Reduction System Review- Month 1

IPL is something I've been intrigued about for years. The thought of never having to worry about shaving let alone waxing ever again is a tempting prospect. I  begun researching different methods available from Salon to in Home treatments and in all honesty it left my head in a bit of a spin.

So last Summer I finally took the plunge and booked some IPL treatment via a Wowcher offer. Looking back on it, that was not one of my best ideas! I paid over £100 in advance for 5 treatments which should have been enough to get the result I wanted to achieve. However after researching the Salon  Scam via Review Centre I quickly realised my mistake. I promptly emailed Wowcher Customer Care highlighting the comments made on line and they refunded me in full, credited my account with £10 and pulled the deal. (One small victory for Minnie and major Kudos to Wowcher!)
Because of this negative experience where I hadn't even ventured into receiving treatment I gave up on the idea....

That was untill has their Smooth Skin IPL Machine reduced to £249 with an offer that meant if you spent over £200 in one transaction you would save £50 on your order combine that with a triple points weekend and the £75.00 worth of existing points on my Advantage card it seemed rude not to! So I went for it.

And that is shamefully as far as I have got with my IPL journey! Literally bought the product, read the instructions, scared myself, and left it on the shelf. So I have decided to blog about it which should lead to me keeping up with the home treatments and persevering with the device as I have had very good thing about it.

I am taking the plunge tonight and will use it for the first time so for now let me just say a little bit about first impressions of the product.

The Appearance-
It comes in a nice white vanity case. Nothing to dislike about it looks smart enough sitting on my shelf and not blazon with branding so anyone would no it was an IPL machine.
The product itself is plastic with lilac accents. In all honesty I think the design sucks. It is reminiscent of a foot spa and the handheld IPL unit is not that easy to hold.. but looks aren't everything so will get over my aversion to lilac things and only try to focus on the hair removal side of it!

The Instructions-
Overall I'm very impressed with the instructions and guidance they are well written, laid out and thorough. Of course that would be the least you'd expect from a product designed to 'laser' hair from your body. There is also a very comprehensive guide on line for the product with F.A.Qs and further info.

So far so good. Still nervous to try it out but I'd be a fool not to. Wish me luck I'll update at least once a month with the progress.

Minnie xx

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