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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Floral Nails- Accessorize Nail Wraps

When nail wraps first hit the market I thought 'This products sounds way too good to be true!' and to be honest I was right...unless using them with fake nails!
Having to use them with synthetic nails doesn't really bother me I prefer fake to my natural nails anyway and they just peel of of natural nails way too easily!

So just before Christmas I saw these Navy Floral Nail wraps in Accessorize and being OBSESSED with all things floral I didn't think twice and snapped them up.

I had previously used Nail Rock Wraps with good results so thought these would be a piece of cake to apply. I was wrong! Now I'm not sure if I was just rushing/ feeling tired/ or the product was total pants but they just did not work. They kept ripping, wouldn't stay stuck to my nail, seemed to be odd sizes for my nails etc. I tried to work with them for over an hour before giving up and getting annoyed that I'd wasted £4 and wasn't going to have pretty floral nails. :(

So when I saw this design in the New Year I should have left well alone, but of course I didn't!

But luckily for me my silly decision paid off because lookee I got pretty floral nails! Yay!

Plus they weren't too traumatic to apply, (unlike their predecessors!) but they certainly weren't as straightforward to work with as the previous Nail Rock Wraps I'd used. These were more like delicate vinyl stickers.

Overall I'm fairly pleased with how they look but I guess time will tell how they last.

Minnie xxx

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